Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2013 Day 4

And the fashion week posts continue. This was my second day at the SMX, very much looking forward to the Luxewear show, and meeting Jojo! Little did I know I'd get in for the Cary Santiago show and sit front row.

So here's the obligatory outfit of the day photo. In the spirit of wearing something local, the top is from Oxygen. Belt was from my aunt, dress from Forever 21. Accessories were randomly picked up from bazaars. As you can see, I've gone a little spike-happy. I haven't worn a headband in years. I may take that thing apart sometime soon tho.

It was great to finally meet Jojo, after months of tweeting! It was nice to meet Blair too. And mother Divine who breathes fabulousness.

Pardon the mostly blurry photos. I'll be making up for it with the runway photos tomorrow. And I can't wait to share them, because my favorites were breathtaking.

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