Popping my Terno Inferno Cherry

Terno Inferno has been around for years, and I wait till last Saturday to finally go to one. I've always had great expectations for Terno, because half of my favorite local acts are under their label.  Last Saturday's event was for a good cause too, to raise donations for the victims of the recent monsoon. Word to the wise: This post has a lot of photos.

We got there just in time, and caught Sleepwalk Circus. The last time I saw them was for their album launch years ago. And they were better than I remembered them.

One band I was curious to see was Maude. I've heard just one song of theirs online, and I wanted to know how they'd sound live.

The next two bands we saw were most entertaining. Not Another Boyband and The Sleepyheads were so much fun to watch.

"Welcome to Terno Sauna." Hidden Nikki's Aaron Gonzales greeted the crowd mid-set. Maybe that's why it was called Terno Inferno. It was quite hot at SaGuijo, and I don't just mean the bands performing. We were all sweaty and thirsty. And I downed my glass of iced tea in two minutes, and no brain freeze. Yet nobody wanted to leave, because why'd you want to go when you've got great bands performing right there, one after the other? As you might notice with the photos, I was quite under equipped. I had no external flash, and the only way you can get me to use my pop-up flash is if I want to do a Terry-esque photo. And that's not going to work. But they turned out okay. I'm bringing a different camera next time tho.

It's great that I caught most of the bands I wanted to see. Unfortunately my friend and I had to go before Up Dharma Down and Encounters With a Yeti got there. On our way to Terno, I kept reminding myself to pass by B-Side after to maybe see a few more bands. Which we did, sort of, literally. We drove by The Collective. Literally passed by it. We were too dehydrated to remember! Hahaha. I am such an old lady. Another time, I guess. And I'm looking forward to it!

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