Family Weekend Lunch

What I love about long weekends is the best excuse we have to not work at home. Because we do that everyday. And this is one of our favorites!

It's charcoal grilled pork, marinaded in red wine, seasoned in salt and pepper, and garlic rice. Quick tip, because I did this again and skipped a step, heat the pork in its marinade for about 10 minutes in low heat. Make sure the entire meat is submerged in red wine. Let it simmer a little, but not boil. The flavor of red wine sticks better that way. I found out about it because I let it soak (without heating) for an hour and the flavor just got lost. So that's something to keep in mind when you do this at home. Oh! And no need to use the pricey wine (unless you want to), but the inexpensive ones will do.

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