From the love to the lightning: Snow Patrol in Manila

Hungover and sleep deprived. I've been hot and cold about seeing them live, putting off getting good seats and all. But I'm glad I did go with my high school friends tonight! I've been reluctant to go alone, you see, because I want to sing my lungs out and that's just not as fun when you're alone, surrounded by lovers. But being best in wrong lyrics and singing off key is best done with such sweet friends.

Honestly been looking forward to this night since I heard that they were coming to Manila. I wanted to hear these three songs live so bad: Set Fire to the Third Bar (hoping for a surprise duet), New York, and Lifening. I have a thing for sad songs, and Lifening and its beautiful simplicity and honesty balances that out. Anyway, I've been looking forward to it so much that I looked up their setlist and kept it on repeat in the office. I'm also the girl scout who got a copy of their T in the Park set in Scotland and also kept it on repeat. Thus the expectation (and hope) of a duet with a local artist.

I'm not sure if most people in the crowd knew that the opening instrumentals at the start of the show was part of the setlist. If you happen to be one of them, it was the glorious remixed version of Berlin that opened the show. And a much better version of it too, if you ask me. Here's the remixed version on soundcloud. (Thanks for the link Ysa!)
Another reason I was looking forward to Berlin was because of the screen they set up on stage. There's just something about the Irish and their stages that are simple but beautiful. I eyegasmed. Their lights were amazing. This was my routine last night:
Rinse and repeat
I may have freaked the people around me, at the sheer level of my enthusiasm. At least I can say that for sure about the person seated next to me. I apologize for possibly scaring you, but I have so many feelings just "bursting into life". But I guess that would probably be me singing in two different keys because I can be cray cray like that. At least I did my favorites (Set Fire to the Third Bar, New York, Lifening) with some semblance of decency.

I cannot stress enough how eyegasmic the lighting the did for the show was. And Snow Patrol live was beyond my expectations. I mean, I've seen T in the Park a bunch of times, but it just doesn't give justice when they're right there, 500 meters from you. The entire show was worth the years of wait we all had for them to come to our country. So much energy! They weren't only glorious to listen to, they were all so very entertaining, with Gary joking around on stage with the band. His face as the crowd sang parts of Chasing Cars was priceless.

Being at the Gen Ad section of the Araneta has its perks too. You get full view of everything. But I still wish I was close to the stage. Nothing beats being at spitting distance. The photos may not give enough justice for the view we had, but it was glorious regardless of where you were at the Araneta.

The whole thing was glorious. The Snow Patrol concert was a welcome ray of joy for the gloomy week. I'm so happy that Filipinos have made an impact to them, and as Gary promised, they will be back! His speech before Lifening was enough to move anyone to tears. And we appreciated it very much. Below are a few short clips I took. I apologize in advance for the shaky footage, and the possibility of y'all hearing me sing. They're all short because it's not easy trying to keep your hands steady whilst fangirling and singing your lungs out. XD

A million and one congratulations to the band and Dayly Entertainment for a very successful show! We can't wait to see Snow Patrol again!

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