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Woke up today with a lot of good news in the music front. This week's been musical, to be honest, starting the work week with an online "listening party" which was so much fun. But let's focus on today, and this playlist of new things.

I think that One Republic's 2007 album is the one to top, no matter how overplayed Good Life was and how anthemic (is that even a real word) Marching On is. And judging from their TV performances, I won't be the so quick on getting tickets to their show. But that doesn't make their songs crap. I love their music.

Professional Griefers had my jaw hitting the floor because Gerard Way and deadmau5!!! I'm obviously freaking out. It's not all hype . It's great to hear a different Gerard Way. The video's tres entertining too.

After hearing about what happened to The Postal Service (the recent news about their losses), Ben Gibbard is back with a solo project. Please don't torch me as I say I wasn't the biggest DCFC fan. But I adored The Postal Service back then, begging the powers that be that they have a show in Manila.

A Fine Frenzy has always had a special place in my heart because her music was always a breath of fresh air. And so is this lyric video! Pretty excited for her new album, coming out on October 9th. 

Speaking of new albums, The xx will be dropping a new album on September 11th! Very very excited about that. They actually had a track (Sunset) previewed online early this week, and was also quickly pulled out. Strange. But the thing about the internet is that you can't really take all of it back once it's out. So, if you're lucky, you might get to hear Sunset here. Before that too, gets taken down.

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