If, like me, you're stranded in wherever side of Narnia you're at, then livestreams are a godsend. I just found out about this today, so in case there's one more person out there who doesn't know it, here goes:

Lolla in Chicago will be streaming on August 3-5 CDT. You can find a handy dandy time zone converter to see what time your favorite bands will be on right here. Or you can use it to just check out what time the stream starts in your area. I'm guessing there'd be at least two channels up to torture us, like the Bonnaroo stream. Remember when Bon Iver was up the same time as The Shins? There's only so much my internet connection can handle. Below's a sched of the lineup and their stream times so you can adjust your schedule (and alarms) accordingly.
Click on the image for full view
A few favorites I'm looking forward to are The Shins, Metric (whose gig at Singapore I missed), The Temper Trap, and -- and before I go on, please notice the glorious end of Day three with Miike Snow, Florence and the Machine, and Childish Gambino closing the festival.

If you happen to be in Manila, or have the same time zone as the Philippines, then the stream starts at 2.30am on August 4. Fantastic for my internet connection, terrible on my sleep cycle. But what's sleep anyway? We will sleep when we are dead! I'm kidding. But adjust le schedules and sleep times accordingly. Speaking of sleep time, if you're OC about it here's a site that can help your body adjust to the sleep deprivation that is to come this weekend.

And here's the link to Lolla's livestream on youtube.

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