Le Roi Sans Couronne

It's been a series of music-related posts the past few days and this is just begging to happen already. Because I had this shoot weeks ago and it's taking ages for me to post this.

Pardon the overly obvious gif. I'm learning to make cinemagraphs. The essence is there tho, don't you think?It's just the seamless looping that needs some work. Anyway, a few weeks ago, we had a semi-spontaneous shoot with le fabulous Josh the day after his birthday. Because nothing says "fabulous" better than a photo shoot to celebrate your birthday, right? Also, if we were the same size, I'd probably steal a piece or two from his closet. Shh!

This shoot was the perfect excuse to play around with lights and lenses and things. Because with a well dressed subject, how can you possibly go wrong? We started out with a darker theme in mind, but as soon as we had some junk food in our system, it quickly changed to something more random with Martha.

So gwaping lang at that last photo. Even my co-interns said so. Come on, doesn't it scream matinee idol? It was such fun shooting that day. Sadly, there were too many looks and not enough time, we didn't get to shoot his Preview Ball lewk. And I was kinda looking forward to that. Maybe next time? I swear I'll have a makeup artist on board too.

And gerl, get used to seeing your photos on blogs already. Such is the fate of a socialite. Char! Say hey to Josh on his blog Diary of A Wannabe.

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