Year Zero

Actually, it's "Year One", but I'm trying to keep a theme here, thus this entry's title based on a song. Today was spent with the Echelon at the Mall of Asia to celebrate 30 Seconds to Mars' concert in Manila exactly a year ago. What was supposed to be just another concert for me turned out to be so much more. But I won't bore you with details. Instead, I'll bombard you with pictures!

Triad Assault Part Une
Part Deux

Pop quiz: Trivia time!

Tensiyonado :))

Golden ticket!

It was fun reuniting with my soul sister and jedi master Abby, who I haven't seen in months!
Soul sisters take silly pictures together. lewl
And at long last met some of le tumblr friends Nix and Nine. Sorry for the crap quality, I was using my phone because the monstrosity that is my camera was tucked underneath layers and layers of stuff, so I couldn't get it out so easily.

It was raining so hard this morning we were worried that no one would show up! But just like last year, through the rain our hearts shined, and people still came. Also like last year, we got soaked (a little, to make the human triad), and we had fun. Now all that's missing is a few people from lalaland playing a few songs at a parking lot.

Happy anniversary, echelon. See you around!


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