Currently raving: Walk off the Earth

I know I've mentioned a few blog posts back how much I loathe covers, but if they're done the way Walk off the Earth does it, then by all means carry on.

Walk off the Earth hit it big with their cover of that Gotye song some months ago. What's great about it is that they do covers the way it's supposed to be done. Fun, refreshing, and beyond impressive. Yes, hearing yet another cover of Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know and Maroon 5's Payphone for the nth time might be enough to make your head and ears roll off, but you have to admit, they're really really good. And I'm not just talking about it sound-wise. Their videos are very entertaining as well! At least after the awe, amazement, and heap of envy settles, because their multi-tasking skills are insane! Here's one cover they did that was a bucket of good vibes. I'd take this version of Magic over the original any day. I love it.

If you happen to be in the same continent as they are, and love their stuff, you can always go see them because they are on tour! But if like me, and you live in concrete Narnia, but with some access to the internet, you can always get a copy of their covers and originals on itunes. For now, why not settle for this mish mash of covers and originals from their youtube page?

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