Marvin and Michelle

A few weeks ago, I got myself to shoot my first engagement shoot. These were shot at Heima Cubao X, and at The Collective in Makati. Perfect timing, our shoot in Makati. There was a graffiti competition going on, so we also got to use some of the entries as backdrop.

And this weekend, they were finally married. Everything about it was so beautiful and quirky, and so much fun. They had a game themed wedding with 8-bit hearts and Super Mario inspired things from the invitations to table tops, to the wedding cake! And their cupcake souvenirs were too kyoot to eat!

Photo from Nyaps* Studio: 

A sweet and unexpected gift I got from the couple <3
Here's a slideshow played at the reception off Marv and Shelly's engagement photos. The theme was based very much on their super kyoot invitations.

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