Reunited with the Kitchen

It's been a while since I got to make a proper meal, so one fine weekend, I took the first chance I got to make lunch! I don't really know as much with cooking, or so I say. I love to cook. And I love experimenting from time to time. Thankfully none of it has turned out to be disaster. So I guess I can claim that I'm quite gifted in the kitchen.
Fried Lemony Salmon with Pesto Cream Sauce, Lemon Pandan Red Rice, and Potato Chips with Mayo Pesto Dip

Everything about this dish is quite simple. All you need is lemon zest, some spring onion, all-purpose cream, and everything else mentioned in the caption above. And some oil and butter.

Red rice is a healthier option than white rice. And it's also more filling. Just when the boiling's about to die down, add some pandan and lemon zest and mix.
Boil the potatoes before slicing and frying them so they're crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Fried the salmon with some oil and butter, and added some lemon zest for flavor.
Don't forget to season the salmon with salt and pepper before frying them!
Lemon zest makes everything taste magical. Especially with fish. Salmon is amazing enough as it is, but lemon just makes it so much better. I added some spring onions to it for fun.

This may be cheating, but I had some mix for pesto pasta in the fridge and split it to make the cream sauce for the fish, and dip for the chips. The cream isn't really necessary for the fish tho, because it's great enough as it is. But in case you want it, it works too.

And voila! What we had for lunch. In the end we decided to skip the cream sauce and save it for the uncooked pasta we had, so yey! That should tell you it's a good idea to adopt me. I'm kidding. Not really. 

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