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Support the industry because you believe in it. Go to a band's show because you love their music. Stop checking and caring where an they're from. Just as Francis Brew said, we're spoiled with gigs left and right every night. It wouldn't hurt to stop by and have a drink from time to time to check out local bands you've never heard of yet. Don't do it because you think it's your duty. It's not. Do it because you love music.

Up Dharma Down
True OPM is painfully underrated. I don't understand why charts are filled with K-Pop and covers. I hate covers. At least one that's so common in these parts where all they do is grab a guitar and sing. Covers have to surprise you. And impress you. And why do covers if there are people in this country that are so greatly gifted in songwriting? It's no surprise that Pinoys love singing, and that there's a lot out there that can really sing. But why waste it on covers?

Ebe Dancel
Stop illegally downloading songs by our local artists. Mahiya naman kayo. No one's going to help our local artists better than us. Request their songs on the radio (or on music TV channels), or go get their CDs in one of their shows. Go online and research. Some of them let you have a copy of their songs for free.

If you don't know where to begin, here's one place I go to. Bandcamp seems to be perfect for new artists to get their album out themselves. I know a few musicians who've taken to that site to get their album out. It's also a great place to get free music legally, as some artists let you download their albums for free. And on that note, look for Similar Objects. Last I checked, you can get their album for free. Just search under the tags Philippines and Manila, and you're bound to find some pretty awesome local acts.

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