I'm Still Here

It's been a crazy past few days, with me shuffling here and there without so much as a proper update on this blog. Had a couple of shoots (one was my first engagement shoot), a few shopping trips, and saw one of my good friends get married. I'm working on a proper series of posts right now, so at the moment, why not settle for photos of my hand and feet? I know, how terrible. But please notice the polish, which is not only pretty, they also smell like vanilla! The past week, I find myself sniffing my nails because they smell like food!

Got these powder blue and tangerine nail polish at 168 mall for 50 pesos each. Not exactly cheap, considering the size of the bottle. But colors like these (especially the powder blue one) are so hard to find! I've been to about three different malls, with about two to three places each, to find nail polish in those colors and failed.
Given the nature of our family business, me and the parentals have regular trips to Divisoria to get supplies. And while they're busy getting supplies, I'm busy shopping (or window shopping) for things to put on my online store and closet. Divisoria is the place to get replicas of almost everything, so it's the first place I go to to search for pieces that I have no intention of keeping for the rest of my life. Like nail polish and fun quirky  accessories.

Other than clothes, accessories, nail polish, and shoes, another drain to my bank account is music. A series of shows are happening soon, and I can't wait to be back at the Araneta for the nth time this year. I've also got my hands on a few new albums that I should get to soon enough. I swear, there is a growing digital pile of music I'm supposed to listen to, and it's giving me the evil eye. Hopefully I can start listening to new stuff this week. But first, I have so much to kwento, and I'll have to get to that...stat!

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