Doll me up

There is a reason why I always prefer to be behind the camera. No matter what people say, I always think I'm unpretty. I have issues, okay, but I'm working on it. Of course at some point in this life, I'll have to suck it up and work it. And that well dreaded day came in the form of my MUA-in-the-making friend Madz, making me her muse. Here are her photos.

A million and one thank yous to Madz for making me extra fabulous in front of the cam. And for standing firm even when the universe seemed to go against us! So many crazy things happened to try and stop us. From our sched at the studio being cancelled, to the schizo weather getting us drenched in sweat one minute to drenched in rain the next, you'd think we'd get a hint. But no, we soldiered on, and the results were lovely. Can't wait to get all this workload done so we could collaborate on a shoot again.

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