Goodbye Summer

The rainy season has already begun in Manila, and I haven't even given a proper send-off to the summer. So here's something a bit summer themed. With some ice cream. Something we did while it was still summer in the city.

It was my first time working with Ays and Jha, and we had so much fun. It was also my first time at that park, and it was HUGE. We only worked on a pretty small area, nearest to the parking. Because it was hot, and we were all sweats before our shoot even began. But it was great because we had a lot of options on where to shoot. Also, the ice cream guy was near. And you know how much I love ice cream. Anyway here's us. Thank you so much Ays for showing up on such short notice! You're a life saver, promise.

Photographers: Henri Villegas + Cholo del Rosario
Post processing: Henri Villegas
Hair and Makeup: Ays Liao
Model: Jha Cruz

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