I'm not sure if I've mentioned this here before, but I recently got an internship at a nice photography studio in Manila. What's great about it is that even though I don't show up every day, I learn something new when I do. One of the perks as interns is that we get to use the studio for experiments like these. Or shoots. But I prefer to call it experiments because we're still learning artificial lighting and all. Here's a video preview of it:
We did three sets that day, the first one being a play on shadows. The results were lovely, although the way it turned out wasn't exactly the effect we were going for. But like I said, it was an experiment. And I kinda like how it turned out. I think it's really dramatic.

For our second set, one of my co-interns found some wire, so we all decided to use it as a prop for the shoot. It was a bit last minute, what we did, because we were supposed to go straight to shooting with flour for our next set.

This was our third and final set for the day. As you can see with the photo below, our fabulous makeup artist had to brush the powder off almost after every take. This was fun tho. Also, we were making a bit of a mess in the studio. But that's what makes it even more fun.

I hope we get to try this again soon. We're planning to make an even bigger mess shooting with liquids a la Iain Crawford. We didn't have a group shot that afternoon, but I did manage to take a photo of our model with our fabulous makeup artist.

Many many thanks to Cat and Bene for shooting with us. And the studio too, for letting us make a mess and finish up late. We promise to shoot earlier next time. More of these photos will be uploaded to my facebook page soon.

Model: Catherine Janelle
Hair and Makeup: Benelyn Javier

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