Heima Design Discussions 3

Saturday afternoon was "breathe art and get inspired" time. I loved the first Heima DD I've been to (which was their first too), and left the place very inspired to create. I also left rushing to my next event, so I was quite bummed I couldn't stay till the end. This weekend tho, was different. First, because the place was PACKED! And second, because I could stay longer. At least till the end of the talk. (Until I found out much later, when I was already on my way home, that our family dinner at gram's was cancelled.)

What I love about DD's is that you get to pick the brains of such talented artists. Just a little bit. And you take home all these ideas, very much inspired to create yourself. Literally in between the talk I just got a eureka moment for this project I'm working on that I had to search my bag for a blank sheet of paper. Ironically, it was a few moments before Tokwa PeƱaflorida said that we should always bring a sketchpad with us, because ideas come in the most unexpected moments. Sadly, I had no blank sheet of paper with me. At least I had a pen with me tho. *winks*

I found Charles Buenconsejo's talk most inspiring. But maybe because I'm a photographer myself. Trying very hard to make it. It's just great the way he sees things. "Be like water.", he says, quoting Bruce Lee. *inserts applause to his answers at the open forum* His presentation had some really inspiring quotes, like "Everything can be photographed." (something like that. My memory isn't exactly eidetic.) One thing he said that stuck on me was "Don't procrastinate. Life goes by and if you sit around doing nothing, you'll get left behind." So don't just sit there dreaming and planning! Get up, get out, and do something!
Charles Buenconsejo
Aleyn Comprendio
Another talented photographer (who I am now very very jealous of), was Aleyn Comprendio. Purely self taught, her eye for things is absolutely amazing. What I found most inspiring is how she took no excuse for her not to pursue photography. And use film!
Tokwa PeƱaflorida and Soleil Ignacio
Soleil Ignacio was the first speaker that afternoon, and her works were so beautiful. She's the fabulous artist behind Status Magazine's Yoko Ono cover, and one half of the Hello Sailor exhibit. Other speakers/teams that afternoon were the duo behind Pper Heads, who made such interesting pieces, and surfers Coasting Thru Life, who gave us a peek at the local surfing culture via videos, and how design plays a part in it.
Coast Thru Life
Pper Heads

After the talk, I stopped by Heima, and I just want to take everything home. I love their cute and quirky things, and seeing them in person is certainly putting my restraint to the test!

This poster, I'd love on my wall. I've always wanted a world map installation in my room, and this could do just the trick until I get my resources together and assemble that installation idea myself. It's like walking into interior design heaven, that store. So many pretty things I want to take home.

Sadly, I couldn't stay forever, so I took a loooooooooooooooong walk from LRI Design Plaza, to SM. Sure, I can take a cab, but the light drizzle and cool breeze is hard to turn down. Even when I had my fragile, "cannot get wet under any circumstance" pair of shoes on. In hindsight, I can't believe I walked all the way there! People familiar with the area would know how far those two are from each other. It was a 20 minute walk.

So, how was your weekend? Anything inspiring?

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