Camera Collection

This video by Antonio Vicentini was so kyoooot! I like it so much that I'm blogging this video twice. (Shared it on my tumblr the other day.) Cameras to me are more than just cute little things. I like being able to capture moments using quirky little things. Like Lomo cameras. I've decided to collect camera things when I started getting really interested in photography. I despise the idea of using any camera I own as some overpriced bling bling, so I've gotten myself a few camera themed accessories as well. Here is my little collection of cameras.
L-R Top to bottom: Blackbird Fly , SLR Camera pendant, Camera Ring from Apostrophe, toy camera freebie from Crocs
Camera pendant with ribbon from Forever 21, Diana F+, Camera pendant with stones from Forever 21
Sprocket Rocket, bronze camera pendant from a random bazaar
Not seen in the photo are some of the old cameras we've been keeping and are too damaged to be used. And the two cameras I use most often. As you can see, I have a thing for camera-themed accessories. So if you're thinking of getting me a present (yes, shameless, whatever :P), this should give you an idea. I'm hoping a few months from now I can get back to buying toy cameras again. I've always wanted a fisheye.

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  1. Hi Henri do you have a sample shots taken by crocs camera? thanks