My new camera bag

Little things that make me happy are little purchases that are worth every peso. At long last, this overdue "look what I bought post", has finally arrived. My trusty zebra camera bag, although still alive, is on the brink of death. The metal parts are starting to rust, and it's zipper gave up on me. I blame my overpacking tendencies. With me on usual double duty of styling, directing, and photographing at shoots with my friends, you can expect just how filled to the brim my bag always gets at shoots. I also hate having to bring 15 different bags on one trip. So I got myself another bag from Izzo the moment I got word that the bag I've been eyeing for months is finally back in stock!

I love Izzo Shop's bags because they're so kyoot and affordable. Just because my life savings is in it doesn't mean my bag has to look so boring. And with me not having a car and all, I'd very much like to walk around with a bag that doesn't scream "look at me! I have a DSLR inside me!". Isn't this bag just lovely? And look how spacious it is inside!

Roll call L-R: Sprocket Rocket, Blackbird Fly, Canon 7D + 50mm f/1.8, and a Diana F+
It's got lots of pockets to fit everything and keep it organized. I've dedicated one front pocket for my lady things, which I know sounds weird/wrong, but it's not. That little front pocket carries cologne, powder, blush and lippy. A separate pocket for my travel money. And back and side pockets for papers like pegs and cheat sheets. Took it to a couple of shoots last week, and it fit everything like clamps, an extra jacket, and accessories to be used for the shoot. And a couple of catalogs too! At Php895, not bad at all, right?

Now go see more bags on Izzo's multiply site. And if you love them as much as I do, go "like" them on facebook.

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