What to do when the power's out

So yesterday, our power was hour for a few hours. We were told it would last 6 hours, but I'm happy it didn't. With my day job relying very much on electricity (what I have is a monstrosity of a PC, so I can't just go work anywhere), power outage only means one thing: DAY OFF!!! And although I could spend the rest of the day beading and working on ropes and wires, I decide to go for a more relaxed option.

Like do my nails in a nice shade of pink! I was thinking of going all elaborate and make duo-tone nails, but it was so hot and I was getting a bit lazy. Duo-tone nails are so time consuming. I'm being drawn to pinks lately, it's starting to scare me. I find pinks too girly for my taste, yet here I am with happy pink nails.

Photographed the prints I'll be submitting for an internship program! Yes, that's Shannon with the guitar in the rain. I also just realized both dudes on those prints are shirtless. Completely unintentional. These are currently my top favorite shots. It was a bit hard picking just five. I hope I get those prints back because I want to put them on my wall. And below, is just three of four toy cameras in our stash. Dad owns the Sprocket Rocket that hasn't been used in months. Actually, they all haven't been used in months. :(

What better excuse to take pictures of everything and nothing? Oh, and the heat was horrible so I had to spend the morning on our roof deck. And the breeze feels so good! So after painting my nails, shaping my brows, and taking photos of things, I finally dove into my copy of Game of Thrones. It's been a while since I last held it, so I was glad to have spent more time with it.

The rest of the day was spent out (no photos tho, because I was afraid someone would just grab them from my hands as I walk) submitting my application and window shopping. Such sweet torture. I want to update my closet already. And get my hair trimmed. And colored. I never thought I'd love having short hair this much. But I blame the summer weather.

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