Happy April!

It's no secret that I just can't seem to have enough time for anything these days. I haven't been neglecting this blog. It's just taking ages for me to get everything perfect. And the last few weeks haven't been uneventful either! I've learned so much these last couple of days, about me, about what I do, and how precious people in my inner circle are. Above's a collage of sorts of what's been keeping me busy. I've recently opened my online store, and getting it alive and running isn't exactly easy! But I'm happy to have it open, and I'm excited to get a few special pieces out. It's vaycay season in the Philippines right now, or Holy Week as most call it. Which means plenty of days off. Not that it matters, being a freelancer and all, but it's fun because now everyone else is free. Looking forward to the next few days of not working! I see a roadtrip, a photoshoot (okay, that's not exactly a vacation), and a get together with friends in the coming days, and I'm pretty excited to be out of the house! Working at home means being at home most of the time, with my desktop computer and all. So here's to some fun busy days ahead! But first, let me finish my copy of Game of Thrones. That book is so thick!

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