Going bohemian rock

Music has invaded this blog for weeks, and for good reason. It's the one thing that keeps me company while I toil to no end to get the pieces for my accessories line, Bohemian Rock, perfect. And music festivals like Coachella are perfect for rocking your bohemian rock style.

I've been making pieces on and off for years now, and what's ironic about it is that I kept making pieces I won't even wear. Which is why I sell them. And it makes my heart swell when people buy them and ask for more.

I love them, but I just couldn't translate it to my personal style. Which at that time was kinda okay, because I was still figuring out how to put myself together. And that's how different this collection is. Because I've grown and changed so much after my jewelry-making hiatus. At long last, I no longer have a love-hate relationship with fashion and style. So I shut my old accessories business down for good, and set up Bohemian Rock last year.
The pieces that I've made are actually things that I'd wear. And did! I wore a prototype piece (if that's what it's called) on a dinner date with my girls. I love them, and a part of me hopes people will love them as much as I do. And this weekend, the ladies I get to shoot with get first dibs on a piece I'll make available for my store on Monday! Or Sunday. Depending on what time zone you're in. Also happening this weekend is Round 2 of Coachella. Fingers crossed for the web stream.

You can visit my online store, Bohemian Rock on facebook, multiply, and tumblr. It ships anywhere in the Philippines.

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