Currently Raving: Kawehi

Give me a great one-person band, and I'm on board. I'm always on the lookout for impressive live acts and I don't think it takes too much to get me all cartwheels and banners raving. Or maybe it does. But this video, featured on vimeo's page just had me.

Kawehi is a singer-songwriter from Hawaii (I was hoping somewhere near Manila, but no), which, in case you missed it in the video, is crazy amazeballs. She also did a version of the well loved and over-covered Gotye song, which was really really good.

I wish we were in the same city. I'd gladly come over and make videos of her. But since we're not, and there are many ways of showing her love, why not contribute to her kickstarter project for an EP? You can also follow her on twitter, tumblr, and like her on facebook.

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