What happened to the weekend?

The last few days since my last post were cray. Which is nothing new. But the days since then have been so crazy I had to let go of a few events and places I intended to go to, just to meet a few deadlines. All of which have been a bit in vain. But that's how it is sometimes, there are things you just can't control. Like today, which was supposed to be the day of "the great storm", has turned into nothing. Nothing. As in EVERYTHING that was supposed to happen today decided to NOT happen. I'm not overly upset about this, although I'm tres bummed that I could've gone to Ronac yesterday to check out the Platform Show had I known that I'd get an extra day or two to get everything done. I am very happy though, that my weekend was productive.

I was either locked in my room making prototypes and measurements, or out buying supplies. Whodathunk crochet yarn would be so hard to find? I must be looking at all the wrong places. But I've been to three different malls (two bookstores and a department store each) and got nothing. Maybe it's crochet season? I have, however gotten myself one of these, which may/may not be available soon.

I also got a bib necklace while I was out, because I thought it would be great to get one and make it neon. And so I did. Thing is, I'm not much of a collar sporting person. So I have absolutely no use for this once my colorful shoot pushes through.

I'm also getting a number of things set for when I re-open my online store for the summer. I was hoping it would be ready mid-month, but now I just want everything to be perfect and ready before the month ends. Which is possible, since I already finished making a logo for it and all. It's a temporary logo, just like the last one. But that will be sorted out in due time.
Now that only leaves one thing: The pieces. Which are already in production. Most of them are handmade by myself. I've been dying to get started on it weeks ago, but you know how things are sometimes. I'm pretty excited to see everything done and ready, and move on to the next agenda: an R&R day! I'm itching to paint my nails neon again.

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