Woah Katy Cat

I've always been a huge fan of Katy Perry. And I think that One Of The Boys is still her best album. And yes, I found Teenage Dream quite disappointing, lyrically. Because of many reasons. Reasons that are not the point of this post! Katy's got a way with songs. And when she covers one, it's just golden. I say this because I am never without a copy of her version of MGMT's Electric Feel. I had it on repeat, once upon a time.
Perhaps that version isn't for everyone. Especially those hardcore about MGMT, but I like it anyway. But did you know that Katy Perry can rap? Oh yes she can. But don't get your hopes up. This is her having a bit of fun.
Eat that haters. How's that for versatility? In other news, I want the old honest Katy Perry back. And none of them plastic technicolored packaged what have you. I love you Katy Purry.

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