SMASH Project 2012

The night of March 8th was such fun. It was the first time I ever went to a concert alone. It wasn't so bad. And the person next to me wasn't a creeper. As mentioned in the last post, I came there to see Dashboard Confessional (who played with no band, and just a guitar, which was precious), Urbandub, and Chicosci.
Dashboard Confessional
I loooooove Urbandub. I can't remember the last time I saw them perform live, or if I ever did, but I do remember singing along to First of Summer shamelessly that night. I think they would've guessed my age with that. And I loved it when Chicosci performed Diamond Shotgun. I love watching Chicosci perform live, for their energy and presence.

It's always an awkward moment when a band you don't know goes on stage and says thank you for coming to see them, when clearly, you're not there to see them. I'm not sure though, which one is more awkward. That, or the people around you fangirling and screaming like mad to a band you've never heard of. I feel like an outdated old lady when that happens.
One Buck Short
The Cab
The Cab
But when Cobra Starship got on stage, I started wishing I at least had a friend with me, so I can dance like cray, but no. And the kids at the other side of the bleachers were dancing like mad. It was a party. For someone unwell, Gabe Saporta was stellar. Stellar enough to rip his pants from all the jumping and dancing that he didn't notice it soon enough! But enough kwento, I made this post to show the faraway photos I took because the lens I was supposed to buy for the night was out of stock. Sadly, I had no photo of The Used because I was famished to the point of fainting (didn't have an afternoon snack, and missed dinner, and the food at the Araneta costs gold nuggets, seriously) at past 1am, that I had to go.
Cobra Starship

Chris Carrabba | Dashboard Confessional

I managed to take at least three videos for my own consumption. I swear, the vibe at the Araneta was so intimate when Chris Carrabba got up on stage with just a guitar. I can rave about it forever. And the crowd knowing all the words, singing at the top of our lungs to his songs was precious. The look on his face was precious. My throat was raw after from both singing (as loud as I can with an effort to stay on key) and screaming, but I regret nothing. Be warned, the videos are a wee bit short. I wanted to sing and fangirl without recording it on my camera.

The bands that night were more than impressive. I say that because I don't know all of them. Imagine my mild surprise when people were screaming and flailing at The Cab! (Sorry, I had absolutely no idea who they are and what their songs were about so...) But they were really really good. The Araneta wasn't filled to the brim like the last show I've watched there (The Script), but the crowd was great. I love it when I hear people cheer when a local band gets introduced. I was a little iffy at One Buck Short when they started, and even more when they did a TGIF cover, but I enjoyed it anyway. Their last song was fun. The night was worth every peso spent and every minute of wait. I knew how amazing Dashboard Confessional would be live, but Cobra Starship exceeded my expectations! Now how am I supposed to listen to these two on my iTunes when it pales in comparison to hearing them live?

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