Wear something Filipino everyday

"Wear something Filipino everyday.", Postura PH's tagline/advocacy got me excited when I first read about it sometime last month. And what perfect time! Thing is, given what I do, I have the luxury of wearing pajamas to work when I want to. But that doesn't mean I won't jump right in and go all out when I do leave the house. So here's my effort on wearing something local for my mum's birthday dinner.
1- Cross connector ring from Forever 21 | 2- Butterfly Bangle from Bayo | 3- Earrings from Bohemian Rock (made myself) | 4- Nude pumps from divisoria | 5- Purse was a gift | 6- faded and overused jeans from Natasha | 7- Top, thrifted
Pardon the pixelly pictures. It was totally last minute when I decided to take an outfit photo. I'm so new to this sort of thing, as you can see. And yes, I made the earrings myself. Finally, I get to use them.

Go check out Postura Project's website for more inspiration.

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