Dusk and Summer

Early this week, I literally mourned for a night and entire day when I thought I couldn't go. Yes, there are some things I do take seriously. I was looking forward to going to the SMASH Project since late last year, when I heard about it. Dashboard Confessional, Urbandub, and Chicosci? Of course I'd be there! And yes, I will be there. Here's the outfit I planned for tonight.
Outfit details: Shorts - Oxygen, Shirt - Human, Spiked bracelet - The Ramp , Earrings - SM Accessories, Shoes - Vans
Of course in a perfect world I'd wear shorts. I'm crushing on Oxygen's mustard shorts, I'll probably get them this weekend. But replace shorts with a comfortable pair of jeans, and yep, that's me. After years and years of wearing skirts daily, I now can't remember the last time I actually wore a skirt. Or a dress. So happy I'm sticking to the Postura challenge. Please note, the items above are not exactly what I'm wearing, they're the only ones I could find on polyvore that looks like the ones I have in my closet.

PS I highly doubt I can take a proper outfit shot of myself tonight so...thurr.

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