First of Summer

First of March, first of summer. And, as previously posted, I am craving for neons to no end. Looks like I'm not the only one, either. Neon is in season. I personally prefer mixing neons with neutrals and blacks for impact. Who says you can't go rocker chic in the summer? Time to get those deconstructed band shirts, and old overused shirts alike. And don't forget the obligatory beaded bracelets, studs, and spikes. And keep those sunglasses handy. Nothing says rockstar better than a good pair of sunglasses.

While thrift shopping with my bestfriend, I found a lovely skirt for less than 100 pesos (a little over $1). At long last, an item in my closet that doesn't come in funeral colors! Or pink! And I must say, this nice shade of blue just goes with everything in my closet. Mostly because it consists of these colors: black, different shades of gray, and pink.

Remember that when dressing up, it's not who you're wearing that matters, it's how you wear them. So don't hesitate to look for inexpensive alternatives to the pretty things you see everywhere. And if you happen to live in the Philippines, support local!

I've been on and off working on a few neon accessories myself the past few months. It's taking ages to complete some of my necklaces because of work, and not having enough time to go out and get more supplies, but here are some of the earrings currently available and will be up for sale real soon:

Expect different versions of those tassel earrings, which have already been packed and ready since January. These hoop earrings above just take some time to make, but more of them will be available soon, and in bright pinks and neons galore. I can't wait to get the necklaces and bracelets done too! I've got a couple of shoots coming this month, and I'm hoping some of my accessories get used for it. It's double duty season, it seems. Styling and photographing on the next 2-3 shoots. Pretty exciting.

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