Perou invades Manila

The moment I saw the notice in my inbox, I knew I had to be there. Sadly, as much as I wanted to be at the Ayala Museum at 9.30am, I wasn't. But I did arrive just in time, a few minutes before the talk started. Shame, because he took photos of the attendees who were there early.

It's fun hearing the stories behind the photos along with a few other things photography enthusiasts can certainly learn from. By the end of the talk, I was more than inspired to get shooting already.

While waiting for the exhibit (which was hours later), I dove into my copy of The Architecture of Happiness for lunch. I also dove into my pasta and cake. Which was too sweet! And I have a sweet tooth. But pasta and cake was good.

After a long, semi-aimless stroll, I made my way to the museum on time. Pretty soon people started coming in, and I got to have a little chat with the man himself! I admit it was pretty awkward admitting I wasn't early for the talk, but it was so cool to talk to him about his photos, and The Kills! I loved them when I saw them perform on Live from Abbey Road, but that's another story.

The Kills <3
Danica Magpantay

Tessa Herrera and Perou

The Ayala Museum was filled with enthusiasts, bloggers, stylists, and the beautiful and stylish. You can see people taking outfit photos of each outher during the exhibit. Just like me and my friends were, but with a bit of a twist.
Meg and Tessa Herrera

Me and my "I'm pretending to not be aware of the camera" pose.

Me and Josh channeling our inner "gangster". Obviously he's the only one in character. LOL
Here are a few people who wore something I found tres interesting. My obsession with studs and spikes are far from over, as you can see.
Joco Comendador and his spiked glasses (that caught the attention of Mr.Perou, btw.)
Gio and his crown of nails
Congratulations again to Perou and Status Magazine for one very successful day!

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