2012 Website Update!

I certainly picked the "best" time to redo my website. For weeks now, since the holidays, our internet provider's been down. But of course, nothing stops a dedicated little lady.
I'm so happy with the way it looks now. Also, if you've seen the site pre-update, I got rid of the food section. I don't think I'll be updating that anytime soon as I haven't found the time to actually cook something from scratch. A lot of other photos from the old site were officially scrapped. For now. I wanted the site, for this year at least, to focus more on beauty, fashion, and music photography. Which is something I plan to focus on in the coming months. This reminds me, I still have no shoot set for this month! The one I had in mind had to be set for February. Except this month has already been busy busy busy!

There are still some issues with the videos playing on the site. Sadly, wix still doesn't let their users link their vimeo videos to their sites. So I had to upload them on my youtube account. And knowing youtube, I'm guessing they'll either mute or delete my videos in the coming weeks for using music by Walk The Moon, Example, Metric, and what have you. But still, the site looks lovely.

See my portfolio here:

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