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Last week's episode of Gossip Girl pointed me to the direction of one Malaysian artist Zee Avi. For a moment in the show I thought it was an Imogen Heap song I've never heard before, because that's exactly what Zee Avi's Concrete Wall sounded to much like. Think Immy's Hide and Seek, which was sung a capella. Without even seeing the rest of the episode, I searched online for who it might be and where I can get the rest of her music. Shame I couldn't get a digital copy of Ghostbird. I'd very much rather get digital copies of albums than CDs, mostly because I have so little room to get so much stuff. For now, I'd settle for listening to her music online, via her website, and youtube.
I thought it was pretty cool that I've already heard of her months ago. Zee's version of First of the Gang to Die plays on the radio every Sunday and I can't help but sway and semi-sing along to it. Lo and behold, it was her all along.
Other than Concrete Wall, which I now have on repeat, I also love Poppy. Zee's reminds me so much of She and Him, Sophie Madeline (another youtube discovered artist), Jem, Tristan Prettyman, and Feist. There's just something about listening to her music that makes me feel like I'm back at our home in Laguna with the sound of the breeze blowing through the trees on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In short, something about her music makes me feel so gooooooooooood.
Another music that never ceases to make me feel good, it's Imogen Heap. It's been a while since her last album, Ellipse, but she's been busy and keeping us up to speed with her Heapsong project. She's just released Heapsong 5, which was made in China. But this track below is from Heapsong 1. I have it on repeat on soundcloud, and I can't wait till she finishes the album. From the tracks currently posted, I'm sure this one's going to be amazing.
Kimbra's album, Vows, has been on repeat for the past few weeks. For someone who's pretend smitten, I'm certainly taking her songs too seriously. I'm kidding. I've had Cameo Lover and Two Way Street playing over and over on my computer at work and on my phone when I'm out. Sometimes it plays in my head and I sing and dance to it. Yes, I'm weird like that.
I love love love dancing to Cameo Lover. It's so catchy and fun despite how tragic the lyrics are. Love really is a funny thing.

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