Trashy chic

Last Saturday, while waiting for the talk to begin, I find out that a good friend of mine was also having an exhibit later that day. It doesn't happen every day that any friend of mine would have an exhibit, so of course I'd go. Also, I was pretty curious about what I'll see.
Josh and Francesca, the dynamic duo behind the gowns.
Turns out they're making gowns out of discarded materials. Which is a nice way of saying trash. Potato sacks, table cloths, towels, coffee filters and trash bags were used to create these gowns. I have to admit, it reminds me of those challenges you'd see on Project Runway.
Potato sacks and table cloth

Good Morning towels and trash bags

Coffee filters, an old shirt, and tablecloth
It's pretty cool to see what a bit of creativity can do with a few things you don't think much of. I'm pretty excited to see these pieces on people. Would you take one of these to the streets?

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