Finding new stuff

One of the reasons why I loved so much was their radio. Back then it was free, and it played tracks based on their similarity with my current favorites. That was how I first heard Imogen Heap, Jem, Regina Spektor, and Butterfly Boucher. Of course when they started charging, I stuck to scrobbling and discovered artists in more boring and conventional ways. It's always never as exciting as hearing something so good and not knowing who it is. Now it's all, "you should hear this person because they sound like [insert artist here]". But maybe that's just me.

And then does this. Which is true to where they were before. And I love it. There are millions of tags to get you started on your little journey. Once in a while, of course, you do encounter something dreadfully painful. But that's the beauty of it. Because at some point you will hear something you'll love and quite possibly, be forever attached to. What's also great about it is that you can make mixtapes (that you can conveniently share on facebook or twitter) as you go!

Now if only my internet connection would be so conducive to this.

Go to to find something new. :)

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