My Favorite Shirt

I have a few favorite pieces in my closet. They may not exactly be the chicest or the most expensive, but they're the ones that actually have a story. Like my home made triad shirt. So here's the story. I wanted to wear this shirt to a concert and picked gray because I know it'll definitely rain that night and the last thing I want to happen is party in a white see-through tee. Two months after the show, I finally get the shirt. Yes, two months after that night when I wanted to wear it. Anyway, me and a friend got matching shirts and blogged it. Because we also fondly call each other soul sisters. It's a short hysterical story, but that's not what this entry's about.
Less than two months after I get the shirt, I decided to take it to a shoot, so I can finally have a decent photo with me wearing it. Little did I know, that'll be the last day I can wear that shirt without having to layer stuff on it. We had this fabulous idea of having a very rock and roll look on the model, and it was either I let the stylist deconstruct my camera/photography themed shirt, or my triad shirt. It's rock and roll, why would I sacrifice my photography shirt? So, although it did sting a bit, here's what happened to one of my favorite shirt.
Model: Iya C. | Styling: Roko Arceo | Makeup by Miss A | Shot at Red Digital Studios, ParaƱaque
Why do my clothes look better on the models? They never look that good on me. Ever. Anyway, after the shoot, I showed my dad what's sort of left of it, and he agreed that we make a new one. A smaller light blue triad on a white shirt. Which is easier for him to make. He still has no idea what that triad means. To me. We know it means "air", in something. But I think it's sweet. I'll get a new triad shirt soon. SOON. Make that sometime next year.

More photos from the last weekend's shoot will be uploaded very soon. I'm going through them as I type.

p.s. In case you want that shirt, leave a comment or tweet me or something. We'd love to make more triad shirts.

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