Hats and things behind the scenes

The days that came after my 24th were packed. I spent the next two days on photo and video shoots, and now I'm faced with a killer to-do list. Honestly, the days that led up to the 26th had me down and gloomy. Nothing gets me down better than seeing my plans crumble before me. But, it does get better. When you wake up to FANTASTIC news, and awesome people. And then everything's just right. So my Sunday was spent at Big Bang Studio in San Juan where I took some behind the scenes videos of the photoshoot.

While they prep the models, what better way to kill time than try out the studio's available costumes! They had so many hats, I had to try on a few.

The photoshoot went well. Glad I was able to take a few shots too.

The behind the scenes video will be uploaded soon. Just need to sort out a couple of work-related things.

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