Last Ones Standing

Over the weekend, me and a few friends had a little photoshoot to celebrate Cholo's nth birthday. I don't know about you, but I stopped counting at twenteen. Not that I have anything against ageing. I just find it a bit tedious keeping track of age. LOL.  So here's what went down that day:

Four models, two looks each, and five photographers excited for this shoot for days! Yes, my friends, days. And "Last Ones Standing" is quite a pun for the rest of us who were dead tired after this. Shooting the whole day may be so much fun, but once its over, your body lets you know just how far you've pushed it. But we regret nothing! The photos look great, and I can't wait to finally post them. For now here's the rest of us.
Me, photo-bombing in the most unsubtle way possible.

Teased hair is messy.

Mirror shot!

Yes, I enjoy making that silly face.

Hair sisters!
The final photos will be posted soon. There's still so much to sort out with work and other things. Can I just say, I can't believe I finally held my little baby for an entire day of taking photos and videos after three five months of nothing but work? It feels so good. Pretty stoked for two more shoots happening this month. At last! Thank you so much Ogie, Eric, Chi, Chololo, the fantastic Miss A, Roko, and our fantabulous models!

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