Fantastic Daft Stuff: Duran Duran's Girl Panic Music Video

I've had this music video on repeat on my desktop for days. I love Jonas Åkerlund. I love his music videos. Especially the ones he did for Madonna, U2, Blink 182, and Lady Gaga. I'll never forget his Lady Gaga Paparazzi video. He's also done Gaga's Telephone music video. I love them. The whole lot of it. And the ones he did for Gaga, and this one for Duran Duran, makes fashion, music and music video bliss.

If you're a geek like me, then you've probably watched the behind the scenes video too. I love watching them. The whole process of creating videos. As glamorous as the results are, the process is the exact opposite. But that's exactly what I love about it. The process is much more fun than the results.

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