Shopping Party

Early last month (yes, say hello to my backlog!), my good friend scored invites to Multiply's Shopper's party. There was a fashion show, cake, rum I wouldn't dare drink, and more food! And yes, there quite a few stuff that had my inner shopaholic beg to come out. And by stuff, I mean SHOES!
I kinda like this dress. Especially if it was in all black.

And SHOES! I have a love affair with shoes. There's never enough good shoes out there. And these are quite cute.

But these, which are not for sale at the event, these are my favorite.
Aren't they pretty? I never got to ask where she got them. Even after we had our photo taken with her. And may I add, she is just as fabulous in person! I'm not saying this because she complimented my outfit that night (she did. And it means a lot, coming from her), but her hosting the party was such fun. Definitely on my list of favorite people.
We've dubbed it the "Best Party EVURRR!", but really, nothing beats the party after the party. Which happened at Coffee Bean. Where we examined our goodie bags and geeked about all sorts of random things. I love coffee shops when they're not full. And I forever love CBTL's Tea Lattes.

Oh yes, outfit photos. We don't have any. But we have these instead from the photo booth they set up. Which are rather tiny and kyoot.

And this is our "We are not amused"  faces.
Yep, that's the outfit photos. I wore the usual black jeans and my favorite blue pumps. Which I have for years! I wouldn't be surprised. They're quite fragile so I rarely take them out.

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