So yesterday, my computer's UPS died. So I spent the rest of the day with my mother's laptop and my wires and beads. I could've settled for a book, or bad TV, but I've been dying to make something with my hands, thus, the chain-making.

I actually planned to dedicate the day doing something crafty, but I didn't want to be so far away from my computer. I suffered from mild twitter and tumblr withdrawals yesterday. Not really. Some time offline feels good. I spent all day at my favourite spot in the house listening to good music, beading, and quasi-reflecting. I should do that more often. At a coffee shop. Or at high street.

So anyway, I made this necklace. Yay or nay? I liked the combination while I was making those chains. And then it suddenly looks too...not youthful.

I'm guessing it's the gold. But maybe that's just me? I'm not a very "into gold" type of person.

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