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Over the weekend, I finally got the chance to make some stuff. I've been craving to no end to start making things with my bare hands. It's been a constant release for me, considering I spend most of my days working in front of a computer.

Made a couple of hoop earrings as well. I'm thinking since my closet's been so monochromatic, might as well accessorize with colour.
I also got LOTS of chains during the weekend shopping trip, and they were heavy! Got them all tangled up in the bag on the way home, and it took about an hour to de-tangle all six of them! I feel bad about possibly taking them apart to make new necklaces and possibly some earrings, but we'll see.
The usual workload's finally crept back in, so the whole DIY thing will have to wait. I've made a few sketches, and I'm excited to get all this work done to get started on making new pieces. I've started an online store a few months back, currently re-selling stuff just to get the ball rolling. I have a constant shopping itch, so the store's the best way for me to shop like a lunatic without having to worry about storage space and funding. But I'd like to sell my own pieces as well. Soon, maybe. Soon.

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