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Sometime during the madness that is NYFW, I hear Walk the Moon for the first time. No, I was nowhere near NYC. But I did see a NYFW video montage from Milk Made, and I knew I had to search for the song.  This, is how I found Walk the Moon. And I never looked back.

Bandcamp is such a nifty place for musicians, really, because I got to listen to their entire album over and over before buying it. And even after then, I just. Can't. Stop. The melodies are so much fun to listen to. Their sound for some reason, reminds me a lot of my many favourites like Vampire Weekend, Franz Ferdinand, and Passion Pit. Most especially on their sped up version of i want! i want!, William Blake that just had me at first listen. I absolutely love the part where he sings "I'm seventeen and you don't know me...". Such heartbreak! Also, the sound is quite Passion Pit-y. The album begins with Anna Sun, their first single, and a perfect introduction to Walk the Moon's music. It's youthful, fun, and infectious. Exactly what the rest of the album is.

Blue Dress is my current LSS (Last Song Syndrome*). I love that it's got the feel of the 80's and 90's music, yet still manages to feel fresh and new. Something that's also evident in their song Jenny. Which was stuck in my head for weeks! Iscariot, the slowest song on the album, is something worth listening to. Catchy despite its sombre undertone. And so was I Can't Lift A Car, although this one's a lot more cheery. Quesadilla, track three in the album, is one that gives of a Passion Pit meets Vampire Weekend vibe. Reminds me so much of Passion Pit's Make Light at some parts, which is fun. Listening to their album, i want! i want!, repeatedly makes me all the more curious as to how they are live. I've been hearing such wonderful things about it, it's not helping my current wanderlust situation. I can only hope to catch them live sometime next year. When I'm expecting to find myself in the same continent as they are.

Walk the Moon is Nicholas Petricca, , Eli Maiman, Sean Waugaman, and Kevin Ray of Cincinnati, Ohio. And what's fantastic about this quartet is that they all sing! You know how most bands are, right? One sings, everyone else just plays away? Then they come in, as one of those few few bands where they all do their thing so well, each track is just magic. Which explains their swift and steady rise to popularity. I can only imagine how far their music will go once 2012 rolls in. They seem to be the indie act that's most likely to conquer the world.

Here's their acoustic performance of Anna Sun from SXSW.

*LSS is short for Last Song Syndrome. It originally means the last song you've heard that's stuck in your head. But now, it's just short for "that song stuck in your head that's on constant repeat".

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