Today has to be one of the most ironic days I've ever had. I woke up from one of possibly the most amusing dreams, only to find out barely fifteen seconds upon waking, that this year's travel plans are off. And we've been counting on it ALL YEAR. Oh, and next year's travel plans? Also OFF. So that's how this day's been ruined.

Best part of the day though, was getting the package I've been waiting for weeks for! I can't help it. Despite the sad face I've been sporting all day, I just can't stop myself from smiling and half spazzing. So happy to finally have it!

And here's what's inside!

Me and my dad did a little hunt as to where I am on the poster. I'm glad he had a good laugh when we did, eventually, find me and my fiercely spiked fist in the air.
Hooray for my spiked wrist! I woudnt've spotted myself without it!
I was a wee bit disappointed though, because I thought it was my face I saw in the tiny preview I got. Turns out it was someone else's! But I did find my fist in the air. Which is still awesome. I'll be having this framed and displayed on my bedroom wall as soon as possible. And so the room decorating begins. Yay!

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