Last Monday, I had a photoshoot filled with "firsts". I love describing it as that because I felt so out of my comfort zone for this shoot that I needed a team to assure myself that things won't go straight to hell. For starters, I've never had a shoot with a male model. Ever. And I felt a bit lost on how to do things, because I'm not really sure if the angles and all sorts of stuff I emphasize with female models would work the same with males. Days of research, crash courses, and planning later, armed with a fantabulous team, there we were, ready and set!

The photoshoot was so much fun. And so fast! I've been so used to hair and makeup taking at least an hour, and now, it was done in what felt like 5 minutes. We managed to do six sets, and shoot on two locations in seven hours. Which is super fast, compared to my usual 8-hour - 2-set shoots in the past. Below's a teaser I made for it.

For a shoot that had as soaked in the rain, it was so much fun! I've never had a shoot that had me barefoot on a soggy football field in the rain, EVER! And it was worth it. I love how the photos looked, and I hope they all love it was well. Here are some of my favorites.

Thank you so much to Renee, Sampsa, Josh (Stylist Extraordinaire), Abby (Fantabulous Assistant), and Miss A (for the fantabulous makeup). The shoot was a blast!

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