Paola's Birthday

Over the weekend, me and the girlfriends had a little dinner to celebrate HRH Paola's birthday. And it is never complete with the obligatory photos.
Paola, Me, Rech, and Shelly. Our obligatory outfit shots
Dinner at Marciano's was great! We were so stuffed! Oh, and when they said "Bottomless Iced Tea", they really mean it. They'll refill your glass before you ever drink half of it! Below are the obligatory food photos. It doesn't matter how famished we are, no one touches them before we all get a photo.

After dinner, we decided to have crepes at Cafe Breton for dessert! I have no idea where we managed to fit the dessert in our already filled bellies, but they did. And they were so good! Dessert with fellow chocoholics are always fun.
 Having room for even more after dessert (we took a little walk around Greenbelt after), we went to Bed Space, the only one that seemed open on a Sunday night, for drinks. NOT the best place to get drinks, btw. Their cocktails were ...well...iffy. Except for the margarita Paola had. But still, NOT the best place to have drinks. Or nachos. haha. Maybe it was a lazy Sunday?
Dinner and drinks with the girlfriends are ALWAYS fun.
We never run out of things to talk about, or laugh about. Love them to bits.


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