One lengthy catch-up

The past few weeks have been packed with deadlines and interviews and photoshoots that it's really making my head spin. But in a good way. Things are starting to gain speed in the family business and in my personal one as well. A few weeks ago, I had a photoshoot with a high school friend in our humble place. The first photoshoot I've done at home. The photos turned out great, especially the hallway shots, which I love love love.

More of it will be uploaded to my Behance soon. Also last week, amidst the craziness of it all, this managed to sneak into the to-do list. Because it's fun to play around with photoshop. And be tweeted by Owl City.
I feel for Mr. Buscemi tho. What people do with his eyes are hysterical, but I can't help but wonder how he feels about all this. Let's face it, his eyes are legendary. You may forget the name, but never the eyes. I wonder when Boardwalk Empire Season 2 begins?

Recently, I've made a quick update on my demo reel, the moment I heard one of the companies I fancied were looking for video editors. I've been to one of their events recently and I remember telling myself (while watching one of their video presentations) that I'd love to work with them someday. Whodathunk it could actually happen?

I'll be making changes to it the very moment my monster list clears up. I'm thinking it needs a little less remix, and a little more rock. Or something. Also I've lost some of the fancy videos I've done last year! I'll add those to the reel when I find them.

Over the long weekend, even more things happened. My phone went bonkers, so now I've lost ALL contact numbers of everyone. I've saved some pretty important contacts there and now they're gone. But I can't mourn forever. At least now my phone's working like new again. I also had a photoshoot with some new people. It was the first time I've shot a male model, had a real stylist on board, see the Polo Club, and run around barefoot on a soggy football field in the rain. That last bit was AWESOME! Made me feel like a kid again. I'm still in the middle of post processing the photos from this shoot, which has to be done by the weekend! So off I go again and get everything, or at least most of it done, before another week (or chapter, maybe. My fingers are crossed!) begins.


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