Crafty Rainy Monday

Over the weekend, I've opened my online store at multiply to start selling accessories and trinkets again. Part of it is because I miss making necklaces, which I haven't done for about a year already. Also, I needed a separate store, as a test, on how our family business can collaborate with different artists in supplying merchandise for their brands. Besides, it is one fantabulous excuse to shop shop shop! Somewhere in this "let's open an online store" thing, I may have turned into a shopaholic.

If you live in Manila, please do check out Bohemian Rock, and buy cutesy necklaces, el cheapo. Everything sold in my store are in limited quantities. Except for the scents, which are for pre-order only.
Soon, I'll be selling original pieces I've made myself. And other things I've designed. All of which are pretty exciting! This is how I'll be spending my (possibly) last few weeks as a freelancer. 'Tis bittersweet, actually. But I promised my self I'll work for this company, the moment I saw their videos. And the thought alone excites me. I wonder how the people there are like? Or is the job as fun and challenging as I imagine it to be? I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.

Oh, to encourage you to shop away on Bohemian Rock, please know that part of the sales goes to my "Take Me To Mars" fund, which will allow me to see 30 Seconds To Mars live at Trinoma. It's win-win! You get a super cute trinket, and you make me super duper happy.

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