Happy Weekend!

It's gonna be a busy busy busy next few hours for me and my bff today, shuttling from one place to the other. And way up till midnight too, probably. Here's one place where we'll be. I'm pretty stoked for this day. So much is happening! I love it when days get this loaded. Although it can get a little intense. But with eyecandy from Heima, and EWWS in this day, I'd say it's more awesome than intense. Also this week, we finally got to finalize the details on our open shoot!
It's a flora and fauna inspired shoot, which should've been done outdoors. But we all know how schizophrenic the weather is in Manila, so we've opted for a studio shoot. Which should be fun. Contact the numbers abouve, or email Cholo to sign up. Please note that you have to deposit for the registration fee for us to reserve you a slot. First come, first served.

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