Newbie Baker

When it comes to baking, I have zero experience whatsoever. And then my dad randomly picks up a box of those oven toaster cake mixes, and viĆ³la! Instant "let's see  if I can bake" afternoon. Of course I mix things up. I always do. On purpose. Usually.
Nutella Banana Cake
So I followed most of the instructions for your average banana cake, but substituted a tablespoon of water, with a tablespoon of nutella. I love chocolate. For some reason though, it took a wee bit longer to cook than what the package said, but I guess it turned out pretty okay.

Had to steal a few tiny pieces though, to photograph, because from the way it smelled while it was baking, it wouldn't last long. And it did smell as good as it tasted. The cake was devoured in no time at all!

We're now hunting for more of those oven toaster-baked mixes. Maybe I should do this on the long-planned cook-off? We shall see.

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