I am, beyond any doubt, in love with the zebra print. I was even so close to getting yet another zebra printed something at the malls over the weekend. I think it helped that I hated bringing so much stuff when rushing from one commitment to another, so my depleting budget gets to live another day. haha
My twitter.
Old CMG paperbag filled with random stuff in ze closet
Current camerabag from Izzo! Super love it! Plus, it's el cheapo. :)
Recently acquired zebra-print flats from the Fashion Market (Market! Market!) For a low low price of 300 pesos =)

I've been telling myself on a regular basis to get something less monochromatic for my wardrobe. It's all blacks, whites and greys. But alas, it can't be helped. I love black and white, and I love how classy zebra prints can get. Like when I tell myself how much I hate pink. I now have two pink shirts in my wardrobe, for the sake of having more cheery colors in my closet. Obviously I don't listen to myself. Haha.

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